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Media cabling and infrastructure are now part of the standard specification of modern properties whether Commercial or Domestic. Installed data cables to connect computers, internet TVs and related peripherals are becoming a standard as well as a selling point to prospective property buyers.

The way we consume media has changed and will continue to do so. On-demand TV coupled with ever-increasing broadband speeds mean that the Internet will deliver the media content we both need and desire. Yet wireless technology can only be relied on to a limited degree, making network cables (Cat5 /6 /7) the only way to ensure un-interrupted, trouble free access to music, movies and the outside world.

New build houses, businesses and any subsequent re-wires should have, as part of their installation, a network and media infrastructure to cope with the modern media demands of not just now but the future. Installation costs can be integrated into the electrical installation, bringing the overall cost down considerably, especially when compared to subsequent renovation costs involved with a poorly designed or absent infrastructure.

The correct wiring layout/topology will also need to be adopted. Simply having a cable going from the living room to the bedroom is no longer sufficient. A 'star' system should always be deployed where a central room/cupboard has all the incoming and outgoing connections for all services; Telephone, Broadband, Sky & TV Feeds, Speaker Cables, Alarms, Security etc. This makes it easy to 're-route' any connections without the need to lay new cables, rip up carpets, dig into walls and re-decorate.

The Benefits..

Increased broadband Speeds

  • Most installations rely on a WiFi connection to connect to the Internet and their network. While this is suitable for Smart Phones, Tablets and smaller devices, Desktop Computers, Networked TVs, Blu Ray Players and AV Amplifiers can enjoy superior Broadband speed from a physical connection to their router.

    Multi-Room Audio

  • With a good media infrastructure, Multi-Room audio becomes not only possible but also an elegant option. In-Ceiling speakers from companies such as Blucube and Sonance mean that the everyday clutter can be minimised and you can experience a truly integrated sound experience wherever you choose.
  • Mutli-Room HD Video & TV

  • With the correct cabling installed, it is easy to distribute all the visual sources in your house to where you feel comfortable watching them. Watching a film in the living room but want to move to your bedroom to watch it in true comfort? An HD distribution system makes this effortless, leaving you in complete control with your favourite remotes.
  • Increased Sale Potential

  • With the increase in up to date new-build houses, every feature of your house becomes a benefit. A future proofed house not only helps with the sale potential but also helps with sale value.
  • If you would like to talk to us about what a media infrastructure could do for your property, then please contact, call 01736 797417 or email us.

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