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Multi-Room Audio greatly enhances the modern property with the choice of the same music in all rooms or a combination of different music in different rooms.

The ability to be listening to digital radio from an almost infinite selection of stations in the kitchen whilst another person is listening to their stored collection of music in the living room gives individual users a greater sense of relaxation in their property.

The audio system is typically tucked away in a cupboard or plant room with in ceiling or in wall speakers reducing the clutter in the listening areas. It can be controlled from dedicated Wireless Touch Screen Controllers, Smartphones, Tablets or Computers and gives the users ultimate control over their listening requirements.

Bars, Clubs, Restaurants and Domestic Properties all benefit from a well-designed Multi-Room Audio solution giving them a seamlessly integrated and 'invisible' sound system.

We typically use the Sonos Multi room Audio system due to its scalability, ease of use and popularity.



With the Sonos Multi Room Audio System you can play the same music or different music in all your rooms in the house at the same time.

As well as playing all your stored music from a hard drive or computer, 'Sonos' will also play all internet DAB Radio stations as well as a host of music streaming services such as 'Napster' & 'Spotify' to name a few.

It can be controlled from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any computer.

O.S Electrical are Sonos designers and suppliers so please contact us to see how we can make multi-room audio a pleasure to hear and use!

Please have a look at our Multi Room Visual page to find out more about the possibilities for all your visual sources.

Whether you need a traditional electrical service or a media solution please feel free to contact, call 01736 797417 or email us.

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