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The Balcony (Phase 3) HD Projector Installation.

All The Visual Elements You Would Want, Projectors, TVs, Sky, Apple Mac Computer, DVD Player.

Phase Three of The Balconys' development consisted of installing a 60" HD TV, two HD Projectors along with four visual sources, two Sky HD Players, Apple Mac Computer and a Blu Ray DVD Player.

In amongst the heart of this system is a 4 by 4 HDMI switch (HD) that allows any visual source to be played to any of the three screens so they can watch the same source on all three screens at once or any combination of different sources.


  • TV - 1080p HD
  • Projectors - 1080p HD
  • Projector Screens - 16:9 2.34m Wide
  • 4 * 4 HDMI Switch 1080p
  • 2 Sky HD Boxes
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • Blu Ray Player
  • Harmony Remote
  • Bar/ Restaurant

    Along with the Phase 1 DJ & Live Music installation, The Balcony is now able to handle an extremely wide range of demanding Music & Sound scenarios making it a flexible and easy to use venue.

    Whether you need a traditional electrical service or a media solution please feel free to use the contact form, call 01736 797417, or email us.

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