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The Balcony (Phase 2) Void PA Installation.

Sound System Upgrade With World Class Void Acoustic Speakers.

Phase Two of The Balconys' develpoment consisted of replacing the current sound system with new speakers, amplifiers, audio processing and switching.

The current speakers were replaced with eight Void Mycro 10 Speakers to enhance not only the power capabilities but also the audio fidelity of the system. They were hung in landscape orientation to help with height restrictions and to give a wider dispersion characteristic.

To complement the speakers a Void Infinite QX5 four channel amplifier was chosen which provides a massive 1500 Watts RMS per channel, whilst also being compact at only 2U high.

The Balcony is a multi-purpose venue and therefore has a lot of different sound sources, Sky & Terrestrial TV, DJ, iPod, DVD, Apple Mac Computer etc. A dedicated processor and combined switching unit was needed. The Allen & Heath iDR-8 is the most comprehensive unit available. The iDR-8 is user configurable, expandable, has a complete set of dedicated audio processors for each input & output and also has extremely flexible options for remote control and switching. It is the audio hub for The Balcony and will be able to cope with any client demands now and in the future.


  • 8 * Void Mycro 10 Speakers
  • 1 * Void Infinite QX5 4 Channel Amplifer
  • 1 * Allen & Heath iDR-8 Audio Processor
  • 1 * Allen & Heath PL-4 Remote Control Wall Plate
  • Bar/ Restaurant

    Along with the Phase 1 DJ & Live Music installation, The Balcony is now able to handle an extremely wide range of demanding Music & Sound scenarios making it a flexible and easy to use venue.

    Please have a look at the last Phase 3 stage of The Balconys' transformation where we add the visual parts of the installaiton including two full HD Projectors.

    Whether you need a traditional electrical service or a media solution please feel free to use the contact form, call 01736 797417, or email us.

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