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The Balcony (Phase 1) DJ Booth Installation.

A DJ Booth with versatility & security in mind.

New owners of 'The Balcony' in St. Ives contacted us to evaluate the current Sound System in the Bar and get it up and running while also adding a new DJ Booth.

The previous incarnation of the Bar had no capability for DJs so we installed all relevant audio wiring and instructed the building contractors on the best design for the DJ Booth.

The DJ Booth was built on two pillars made from large breeze blocks, a method well known for its ability to counteract feedback when using Vinyl Turntables.

A problem DJ Equipment suffers is damage to the connectors with constant re-plugging of equipment. We therefore decided to install a 'Patch Panel' containing all the connections needed to plug into the DJ Equipment. This method ensures a longer life for the equipment whilst also allowing considerably easier setup changes, especially with Computer based DJ setups like Serato or Traktor.

Other wiring features include Microphone Tie Lines and Foldback Speaker feeds to the stage, DMX Lighting cables and four Cat5 feeds allowing wired internet connection for DJs as well as video distribution options for promoter branding.

The current speaker setup was in working order but was in need of Bass reinforcement so we provided a 700W RMS Bass Bin which improved the sound dramatically. The DJ equipment installed is Industry Standard, Pioneer CDJs & Mixer and Technics 1210 Vinyl Turntables.

All wiring is bespoke using the best Neutrik audio connecters available and are all labelled with the The Balconys' own artwork.

The result is a fully functioning DJ Booth which is capable of handling any situation thrown at it with ease, due to the accessible and easy to use Patch Panel.

Please have a look at the Phase 2 and Phase 3 stages of The Balconys' transformation where we add the new sound system and visual parts of the installaiton including two full HD Projectors.

Whether you need a traditional electrical service or a media solution please feel free to use the contact form, call 01736 797417, or email us.

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