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Kota Kai 4 Room Sonos Installation & Cinema Room.

A Restaurant & Bar With A Modern Cinema & Multi Room Audio Solution.

Kota Kai asked O.S Electrical to specify and design a versatile multi room music system and 5.1 surround sound cinema room.

There were 4 rooms which we needed to specify for. A Bar/ Restaurant, Kids Playroom, Skittles Room and a Cinema Room. We decided to install the Sonos Wireless Music System in all rooms with a 37" HD TV & Blu Ray Player in the Kids Room and a 60" 3D Plasma HD TV with HD Freeview, 3D Blu Ray Player and Monitor Audio Surround Speakers in the Cinema Room.

Kids Playroom - 37" HD TV With HD Freeview and Streaming Internet Services, Blu Ray Player and Sonos Music System.

Bar/ Restaurant - Sonos Music System with a total of 8 Speakers.

Skittles Room - Sonos Music System with two speakers.

Cinema Room - 60 Inch 3D Plasma HD TV with HD Freeview Receiver and Streaming Internet Services, 3D Blu Ray Player, Monitor Audio 5.1 Speaker Surround Speakers and Sonos Music System.

With all the rooms having Sonos Music Systems, access to all of their digital music stored on a NAS Hard Drive was possible, as well as all DAB Radio and online streaming services such as Spotify, Napster, iTunes etc.

The Sonos Media players were tucked away in the 'plant room' and were wired to speakers in the Kids Playroom, Skittles Room, Bar and Cinema Room, all controlled by the stylish and wireless Sonos CR200 colour 'touch screen' remote, enabling different music selections in each zone or the same music selection in all zones.

Whether you need a traditional electrical service or a media solution please feel free to use the contact form, call 01736 797417, or email us.

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