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Domestic CCTV Installation

A New CCTV Installation To Help Promote The Rental Properties' Views & Location.

St. Ives House, a Luxury Rental Property in the heart of St. Ives Cornwall, was in need of a CCTV system to help promote the views and location of the property. O.S Electrical were asked if we could not only specify and install the camera, but also integrate the CCTV stream into their website, which we were happy to arrange.

In order to accomplish the goals set out, O.S Electrical had to marry a wide skill set. The camera was chosen for its' Varifocal Lens and Night Vision capabilities, Internet Protocol abilities and its robust external weather ratings.

Next, a suitable Professional Broadband Router was chosen to replace the consumer grade one that was bundled with the Broadband Package. This would not only allow the correct and reliable configuration of the clients' network, but would also allow O.S Electrical remote access to the network for any further configuration or troubleshooting issues, allowing us to perform many tasks without ever having to visit the property.

Once the camera and network were configured, the integration into the website was necessary. When integrating cameras into a website it is very important to keep any information about the broadband network, website or camera login details confidential. O.S Electrical made sure correct use of PHP coding and integration kept all security information private. Configuration files were given to the clients' web team to put on their servers for correct display on the website - www.stiveshouse.com.


  • Hikvision DS-2CD4A25FWD-IZHS Internet Protocol Based External CCTV Camera.
  • Draytek Vigor 2860 AC ADSL Router.
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