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Relax While On Holiday In This Dedicated Cinema Room.

  • Dedicated Cinema Room
  • This Dedicated Cinema Room is set in the heart of a 10 Bedroom Holiday Home as one of the main relaxation areas in the building.
  • It has a 5.1 Surround Sound System utilising Satellite Speakers mounted on the walls along with a Blu Ray player and Sky TV.

    The lighting is tasteful and discreet with wall pelmets and recessed ceiling spots on dimmers to allow mood settings to be created easily.

    The screen wall was painted with a special paint designed to allow for projected images directly on flat surfaces.


  • 5.1 HD Cinema Room
  • Gigabit Wired Data & WiFi Network
  • Whether you need a traditional electrical service or a media solution please feel free to use the contact form, call 01736 797417, or email us.

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