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Electrical - Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T Testing)..

O.S Electrical is able to offer a full and complete PAT Testing service for your business or property.

We can create a unique database for your business, which will log and keep track of all your portable equipment and their test results, making it quicker and simpler to implement subsequent inspections, further streamlining your business.

All businesses and more importantly their respective Owners, Directors, Managers and Responsible Persons are the legal 'Duty Holders' of the ongoing safety of their employees and the general public who enter the premises.

The respective Duty Holder is responsible for deciding on the frequency of any inspection and maintenance of their electrical equipment to ensure it is safe, maintained and suitable for the purpose its use is intended for.

The 4th edition of the 'Code Of Practice For In-Service Inspection And Testing Of Electrical Equipment' is now in force (Since 2012), are you aware of your legal responsibilities and how to implement them?

With a frequent and reliable PAT Testing service in place you can keep your equipment, and more importantly your staff and the public safe.

If you would like to arrange PAT testing for your company, then please call 01736 797417, use the contact form, or email us now.


A standard rate of £25.00 is charged for the site visit plus a charge for each type of appliance with the following connectors as shown below:




• 230 Volt Three-Pin Plug (BS EN 1363) = £2.50
• 230 Volt Round Three-Pin 16 Amp Plug (Blue) (BS EN 60309) = £2.50
• 230/ 400 Volt Round 32 Amp 3-Phase Plug (Red) (BS EN 60309) = £2.50
• 110 Volt Round Plug (Yellow) (BS EN 60309) = £2.50
• Fixed Electrical Item without a plug/ wired to a fuse spur = £4.00

In accordance with City & Guilds it is necessary to test all detachable power cables as a separate item as they in themselves can fail and can also be used on another electrical appliance. For example a typical Personal Computer can be classed as 4 separate items, Monitor, Monitor Cable, Computer, Computer Cable.

All items in the workplace with plugs are tested. This includes computers (including laptop chargers), printers, fax machines, photocopiers, table lamps, kettles, fridges, toasters, phone chargers, vacuum cleaners, power supplies, extension leads, etc.

In rented property, only the items (with plugs & items attached with a Fused Spur) that are supplied by the landlord need to be tested; personal equipment owned by the tenant is not covered by legislation, and is therefore not tested.

In residential care homes, etc., all items (with plugs & items attached with a Fused Spur) that are supplied by the care home owner, either for use by the residents or by the staff, need to be tested.

Part of the testing procedure is to remove the covers of rewire able plugs to check for fuse rating, wire condition, etc. A large majority of faults are found at this stage. If any of these plugs are found to be faulty we can, if pre-agreed, replace at a cost of £2.00 per BS1363 plug. We also carry a supply of new, standard IEC 'computer' power cords: if any of your power cords are found to be faulty (and many are), then they can be replaced at cost for just £4.00 each.

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