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What To Expect From Professional Electrical Work - Test Results & Building Control Notification..

When you hire an electrician to perform a simple task like replacing a broken socket or even a full rewire, do you know what paper work you should be in receipt of? Have you been getting Test Results and Building Control Notifications, if not why not?

All electrical work that is carried out to part of an existing circuit or the installation of a new circuit will require the electrician to check the wiring for electrical safety and produce a 'Test Certificate', some of this work will also require Building Control to be notified.


  • Types Of Test Results
  • * Modification of an existing circuit will require a 'Minor Works Certificate' to be produced.
  • * Installation of a new circuit(s) will require an 'Electrical Installation Certificate' to be produced.

    * Testing of an entire existing installation will require an 'Electrical Installation Condition Report' be produced (previously known as Landlord Report or PIR).

    You may wonder why these certificates need to be produced, they make the electrician carry out a set of tests that show the Wiring Is Safe To Energise, the Fuses Will Operate, and Human Life Is Protected. It will also highlight any issues found with the existing installation.


    More than this though, the electrician will also have to check the following:

  • * Gas & Water Bonds are installed.
  • * There is a Satisfactory Earth installed.
  • * The Correct Fuses are installed.
  • * 30mA RCDs are installed to Protect Human Life and Prevent Harmful Electric Shocks.
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    If you are in charge of organising Electrical Work you should be in receipt of Test Results and Building Control Notification Certificates for work in 'Special Locations'. A Qualified and Registered Electrician will be able to provide you with this.


    If there is anything else you need clarification on then please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the relevant information, it may even appear in future emails!

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