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'Non Combustible' Fuse Boards In Domestic Dwellings - Effective July 2015..

A new regulation has come into effect that all 'New' or 'Replacement' fuse boards in Domestic Dwellings be made of a 'Non Combustible' material (Metal) due to an increase in house fires resulting from poorly installed fuse boards.


Below Taken From BS7671 (2008) Amendment 3 2015.

421.1.201 Within domestic (household) premises, consumer units and similar switchgear assemblies shall comply with BS EN 61439-3 and shall:

  • (i) have their enclosure manufactured from non-combustible material, or
  • (ii) be enclosed in a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustible material and complying with Regulation 132.12.
  • NOTE 1: Ferrous metal, e.g. steel, is deemed to be an example of a non-combustible material.

    NOTE 2: The implementation date for this regulation is the 1st January 2016, but does not preclude compliance with the regulation prior to that date.

    As a note All Electrical Installations designed after July 1st 2015 will need to comply with this regulation.


    If you are responsible for organising replacement fuse boards you will have to be aware of this new regulation.


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