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FIBARO Home Automation System: Power..

Controlling all of the 230V Powered devices in your property is simple with the FIBARO Wall Plug. Along with complete remote control, you also gain the ability to measure consumption in real time. The FIBARO Relay and Double Relay also control 230V devices creating a versatile approach to Power control. Along with all the other possibilities, you can receive emails if the device attached to the wall plug breaks down.

With the FIBARO Wall Plug & Relay Modules installed, along with the Home Centre Light or fully fledged Home Centre 2, you can take control of all aspects of your properties' power needs, all brought together with the elegant and easy to use FIBARO App for your Phone, Tablet or Computer (iPhone/ iPad, Android, Mac, PC).

Please see the FIBARO Products & Prices Page for more information.

Wall Plug/ Relay Module Functionality..

• Complete control of all of your 230V devices.
• All On/ All Off switch capability from the front door.
• Timed On/ Off for your 230V devices.
• Enable/ Disable devices when Alarms are triggered (Smoke, Security etc).
• Accessible from anywhere in the world, from any Mobile device or Computer.

Please see the below links to find out about the other FIBARO modules, features and possibilities...

  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Blinds & Curtain Control
  • Door Access
  • Energy Efficiency & Monitoring
  • Zoned Heating
  • CCTV
  • Smoke Sensor
  • • Audio/ Visual Systems Integration
  • Home Centre 2 Controller
  • Home Centre Lite Controller
  • Please see the following links to download FIBARO Brochures: About FIBARO - FIBARO Product Catalogue UK

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