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Electrical - Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)..

O.S Electrical is able to offer a complete Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) solution for your Domestic & Commercial needs.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports are necessary for all electrical installations at pre-determined intervals depending on the location and use of the installation to ensure continuing safety.

Please use the contact form, call 01736 797417 or email to arrange an Electrical Installation Condition Report for your property or business.

What You Need To Know..

As the Duty holder of your Business, Holiday Let, Rental Property or even Home, it is your responsibility to ensure the ongoing safety of the electrical installation contained within it.

Please visit the Resources For Landlords page on the 'Electrical Safety Councils' website for useful information. You can download the Landlords Guide To Electrical Safety Here.

BS7671 regulations and Guidance Note 3 clearly state the recommended intervals that EICRs should be carried out, dependent on the type of property and its use. Some examples (Taken from table 3.2 of Guidance Note 3) are below:

General Installation

Routine Check

Maximum Period Between Inspections & Testing

Domestic Accommodation - General 1 Year Change Of Occupancy/ 10 Years
Domestic Accommodation - Rented Houses And Flats 1 Year Change Of Occupancy/ 5 Years
Educational Establishments 6 Months 5 Years
Industrial 1 Year 3 Years
Offices & Shops 1 Year 5 Years

EICR Process..

The Process of carrying out an EICR will start with a fully Trained & Qualified Inspector performing a visual inspection of all the electrical components within the installation for signs of wear & tear, damage, incorrect installation and non compliance with the BS7671 regulations.

The next stage is to perform electrical tests on each circuit and check the results are within agreed limits of the BS7671 regulations.

The last and final stage is producing a written report detailing whether the installation is satisfactory or unsatisfactory for continued use. Any problems found within the installation and the steps necessary to rectify them to ensure the ongoing electrical safety of the installation will be detailed for the client.

Agreed remedial work will be performed at additional cost to the EICR and the written report will be reissued with the changes taken into account to provide the EICR with a 'Satisfactory' status.

A re-test date will be stated within the EICR for the Duty Holder

EICR Prices..

Some companies offer low, fixed prices for EICRs and this can, in many cases, lead to poorly inspected properties with major defects unreported.

To ensure a thorough and fully compliant Electrical Installation Condition Report, O.S Electrical charges an hourly rate for all inspections. A 3 Bedroom House can typically take an 8 Hour day to inspect and issue a written EICR.

To arrange an Electrical Installation Condition Report for your property or business please feel free to contact us via email or call 01736 797417.

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